Screams From Wonderworld

A tickle in the stomach

Lets out a strange sound

In a foreign tongue

Queer to normality.

A breath-capturing step

In a green green world

An impossibility of an experience

Lands you in a wonder-world.

Your fall was frightening.

Your fall was everlasting.

Now the cold hard ground

Glares down at you furiously.

With trembling limbs,

And cheeks stained with tears

And a throat dry of screaming,

You stand and turn the world around.

Not good enough. Never good enough.

Too big or too small.

How do you fit through that door.

Why must you fit through that door?

It is a door

And you need some air.

Is there air behind that door?

You peek. It is not

What you were looking for.

Clueless fat men, a hyper-active mouse,

You’re late for tea!

What tea?

This was never meant to be.

Yet, here you are…

Here you are.

In that world you dreamed of…

A wonder-world,

Distant from home,

No Oz, just your wits,

Do you really wish to get back home?

Stand tall, my friend.

Time stretches, but it won’t be long.

Another door awaits.

Train your heart to be strong.

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Books On A Journey

The coming year will be the first time I’ll be living away from my family. When you have large dreams, you tend to make difficult choices- moving away from your comforts to gain something big. It will be a task, but at least I’m taking a piece of home with me- my books.


What’s the worst part about taking your library with you? It’s that you can’t take your WHOLE library with you. So, you’re stuck with picking and choosing between the books you love, the books you need and the books you’ve hoarded.

Yes! Do not lie to yourself! You know you’re a guilty hoarder and there’s nothing wrong in that. You see, for bookworms (and I mean those who actually are addicted to books and not their PDFs) carrying a shitload of books is a guilty pleasure. It keeps us happy and preserves our soul.

So if it weighs a ton, we forgive ourselves because having these adorable paperbacks and hardbounds near us is what keeps us alive and going. Like an addiction, a drug perhaps, we need that smell of pages and that touch of paper. It keeps things real while taking us off the face of reality.

And so I set out guilty yet proud, nervous yet excited. I shall miss those I leave behind and promise to be back for them. The ones lucky to come with me have strict instructions to keep me happy. I trust them. They trust me. It’s a charming relationship.

And so I get going.
One step into mystery.
Two steps into adventure.
One hand on my book.
Two eyes on the world.
One step for a man,
One giant leap for mankind.
And so it begins…

Long Distance



Does distance make the heart grow fonder or does it pull people apart?

Some believe that distance causes separation and that, in my opinion, sounds quite shallow. I’m nobody to comment on long distance romantic relationships because I’ve never had one. My past boyfriends have been in the same city as I am, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t witnessed beautiful examples of long distance romances working out well.

What I can talk about is long distance friendship and believe me, we don’t talk about it as much as we should. I think what it all comes down to in the end is, if you and the person want to stay connected or not. All of us have people in our lives that just didn’t make it beyond a certain time. The standard excuse is the “we fell apart”. No. You did not fall apart. One of you…

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We are celebrating the rainbow victory in Ireland, Faroe Island and the USA! Let’s bring ou favourite LGBTQ character out of the closets and into the limelght they deserve D

Tell the world your top three favourite fictional LGBTQ characters! ❤

And tag five people to continue the thread. 😉


I tag:

What’s She Reading, AppleTaileThe writing Hufflepuff, Pavitra, Jenny

My top three favourite queer fictional characters are:

1. Tiny Cooper & Will Grayson- “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” by John Green and David Levithan

2. Nico Di Angelo- the “Percy Jackson” and “Heroes of Olympus” series by Rick Riodan

3. Dumbledore- the “Harry Potter” series by J. K. Rowling

Shout your love out to the world! ❤


The latest illustrated edition of the Harry Potter series!

This was a birthday gift for me from my sister. It arrived today and I have tears in my eyes. It’s so pretty! The covers are smooth as velvet and every book is beautifully illustrated. This is one if my most favourite series in the world. To own this beautiful collection makes me pleased and proud to know such awesome people.

Now it stands proudly on my shelf as the king of the library realm. All hail Queen Rowling for making our lives beautiful, magical and mind bogglingly awesome! ❤


This novel by the author, Toni Morrison, is one that opened up a different world for me. My acquaintance with black-fiction began with Uncle Tom’s Cabin, followed by glimpses from Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart.FSCN4938

This book, however was my first glimpse into the contemporary world of the now liberated peoples of Africa. It was no longer a look at tribal life, or an outsider’s point of view of a wrongly-alienated territory and people.  “Beloved”, published in 1987, was a blatantly in-depth narrative of the psychological, sociological and physical after-effects of slavery.

The novel begins with:

124 was spiteful. Full of a baby’s venom. The women in the house knew it and so did the children. For years each put up with the spite in his own way, but by 1873 Sethe and her daughter Denver were its only victims.

It then proceeds in a stream-of-consciousness narrative bringing events and people from the past, present and future to add to and complete the tale in the next 324 pages. The tale is divided into three parts.

The first part, which is also the longest, recounts why 124was spiteful. As it turns out, the mother of four, named Sethe, had killed one of her baby daughters before the white masters could come and enslave them all again. For this she went to prison with her youngest child, Denver, and was tagged for life as a child murderer.

The relief at having managed to keep all of her children and set herself free with that one act blinds her to the impact it has on her children. The murdered baby’s ghost begins to haunt 124, but the residents are not horrified or surprised by it. In this way the author turns the novel into a gothic, magic-realistic account, where the residents of 124 live with the vengeful baby’s spirit as if it was completely ordinary.

As the residents dwindle down to two characters, we are introduced to Paul D, who shows a different angle to horrors of slavery, as compared to Sethe’s domestic, pregnant stuggles. Paul D is one of five bothers from the “Sweet Home” where the elder generation had been formerly enslaved. When Sethe’s husband is nowhere to be found, and is doubted to have survived the escape, Paul D moves in with Sethe and Denver and kicks out the ghost of the baby.

Some blissful weeks follow during which, Denver becomes aware of her loneliness, Paul D learns to love the woman of his dreams and Sethe notices the shadows of three people holding hands. This is when Beloved enters. She is accepted into 124 out of empathy. It is only Denver, at first, who links the girl to her murdered sister and the word “Beloved” written on her tombstone.

Beloved then takes on many forms. For Denver, she is the companion she’d always wanted, to push away the loneliness. She becomes protective of Beloved in case her mother might lash out and kill her again, only to watch as Beloved slowly drains the life out of Sethe. For Sethe, the girl is her chance at redemption for her past sin, a second chance, a sign that God understood and forgave her.

Part two describes 124 as “loud”. It contains monologue-chapters describing what I going on inside each of the main character’s heads. We read into Denver’s innocent, lonely mind, ready to serve and protect her family, despite them beginning to ignore her very existence. We witness Sethe slowly descending to insanity, unable to stop thinking up excuses and reasons for what she had done- unable to forgive herself and letting Beloved drain her in order to punish herself.beloved 3

We also have one single chapter with Beloved’s monologue. Compared to the others, her thoughts are incomplete. There are no full stops, just run-on sentences, or simple phrases to describe emotion and the queer thought processes that alienate her from the apparently more human sister and mother.

Part three begins with “124 was silent.” I shall not describe what exactly this part holds as that would require giving out spoilers.

The book ends on what one could describe as a beautifully horrific note. There is no doubt why Toni Morrison deserved that Pulitzer Prize for Fiction on this book.

toni morrisson

Recommended for: those who enjoy classics, who like to read books that make you think, who love a challenge and adore Gothicism and magic-realism

Rating: 5/5

An Abundance of John Greens

FSCN4924  I am proud to announce that I have in my possession an entire collection of John Green books. A few years ago if someone would have mentioned his name I would have been clueless to who he was. That was when the internet took over my life and suddenly I found that one link between the worlds of bookish love and internet scramble- John Green.

This man along with his brother, Hank, have turned my world into a sharpie-crazed, paper-loving, brain-fried nerd-fighting arena. No, I was not a huge fan of the fault in our stars- this, I considered a tiny bit over-hyped. No, my love for this man’s books began with “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” and since then I haven’t been able to stop.

I recently read “Paper Towns” on my trip to my home town. As it turns out, both the FSCN4939narrator and I were driven with that obsession of finding our own “Margo Roth Speigleman”. The book bound my every limb and emotion into words and I discovered that Q’s search was symbolic to my own search for purpose in life. Margo makes you question what everyone considers “happiness”. She makes you see that monotony is not the only path to happiness and that individuals just need to shed their paper skins and paper ways, and be their true selves.

Though, the biggest thing about this book, and most of his other books too, is that they give you the spirit to just run and do something. Maybe that something is to take a road trip. Maybe that something is to succeed in what you do. Maybe it is an instigation to look for “the Great Perhaps”. Whichever way you choose to look at it, this message is ever present in his books- if you want something, GO GET IT!John Green