Dear smile, Why do you shy so?           Dear tears, Can you never be easily repressed? Does smiling through tears            Entertain beauty? Does bravery through fears           Inculcate strength? Do thoughts on an empty mind     […]

Screams From Wonderworld

A tickle in the stomach Lets out a strange sound In a foreign tongue Queer to normality. A breath-capturing step In a green green world An impossibility of an experience Lands you in a wonder-world. Your fall was frightening. Your fall was everlasting. Now the cold hard ground Glares down at you furiously. With trembling […]

Books On A Journey

The coming year will be the first time I’ll be living away from my family. When you have large dreams, you tend to make difficult choices- moving away from your comforts to gain something big. It will be a task, but at least I’m taking a piece of home with me- my books. What’s the […]

Long Distance

Originally posted on WordPlay:
Does distance make the heart grow fonder or does it pull people apart? Some believe that distance causes separation and that, in my opinion, sounds quite shallow. I’m nobody to comment on long distance romantic relationships because I’ve never had one. My past boyfriends have been in the same city as…


We are celebrating the rainbow victory in Ireland, Faroe Island and the USA! Let’s bring ou favourite LGBTQ character out of the closets and into the limelght they deserve D Tell the world your top three favourite fictional LGBTQ characters! ❤ And tag five people to continue the thread. 😉 I tag: What’s She Reading, […]

The latest illustrated edition of the Harry Potter series! This was a birthday gift for me from my sister. It arrived today and I have tears in my eyes. It’s so pretty! The covers are smooth as velvet and every book is beautifully illustrated. This is one if my most favourite series in the world. […]


This novel by the author, Toni Morrison, is one that opened up a different world for me. My acquaintance with black-fiction began with Uncle Tom’s Cabin, followed by glimpses from Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart. This book, however was my first glimpse into the contemporary world of the now liberated peoples of Africa. […]