Picking up the quill — The Socially Awkward Writer’s Blog

For every writer who hasn’t written, there is one thing that sets our hearts beating at that crazy pace. Yes. You thought right. It is something we all personally specialize in. It is the beginning. We all pick up that pen in different ways. For some it begins with an idea while watching some strangers […] […]


Hermione Granger turns 37!

When J K Rowling created the fictional world of wizards within the muggle realm, little did she know what power she would hold upon a whole generation of readers. For all the children around the world, the 90s and early 21st century was an era of magic and thought provoking fiction. The characters within the […]


Beauty and the Beast- A twisted tale

Warning: creepy violent content. In more elaborate words: Belle believed that she was not a nice person. The Beast loved her anyway. Whenever she mentioned this, he would divert the blame of monstrosity onto his own physical characteristics. This kept them happy. Until the day, like in the stories, the townsfolk came to rescue Belle. […]


Treasures of the Delhi Book Fair 2016 {Book Haul}

India’s capital opened its doors to the 22nd Delhi Book Fair on August 27, bringing in a rush of excitement among the Delhiites. With stalls piled with layers of books at the cheapest rates, bookworms could be found declaring this experience a paradise. For Paper Prancer, it was a dream finally lived. Trudging about the […]


The Color Purple- Alice Walker

color purple


You’d better not never tell nobody but God. It’d kill your mommy. 

Dear God,

I am fourteen years old. I have always been a good girl. Maybe you can give me a sign letting me know what is happening to me…”


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Tribute to the “Bravest Man I Ever Knew”: Alan Rickman

It was a summer day, twelve years ago, when I’d picked up my first book of Harry Potter. It was a world that I’d grown up with. The characters aided me throughout my teenage years, pushing me in the right direction, showing me the way to where I am today. Of all the characters in […]



          Dear smile, Why do you shy so?           Dear tears, Can you never be easily repressed? Does smiling through tears            Entertain beauty? Does bravery through fears           Inculcate strength? Do thoughts on an empty mind     […]