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For every writer who hasn’t written, there is one thing that sets our hearts beating at that crazy pace. Yes. You thought right. It is something we all personally specialize in. It is the beginning. We all pick up that pen in different ways. For some it begins with an idea while watching some strangers […]

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Hermione Granger turns 37!

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J K Rowling’s character from the ‘Harry Potter’ series, Hermione Granger, turned 37 on September 19, 2016!

When J K Rowling created the fictional world of wizards within the muggle realm, little did she know what power she would hold upon a whole generation of readers. For all the children around the world, the 90s and early 21st century was an era of magic and thought provoking fiction.

The characters within the series of Harry Potter started their adventures as children, much like the audience of the series, and grew up with each book, again, much like its readers. Among the three main personalities in the book, there was one girl- Hermione Granger. A brunette girl with a thirst for knowledge and a love for book. She was quite often referred to as “the brightest witch of her age”.

Hermione is Harry and Ron’s closest female friend. Many a times, she is the reason for their survival in life-threatening circumstances. Her character is relatable for many girls around the world who love books and prefer to be seen as powerful rather than ‘beautiful damsels in distress’.

This lady is a class apart from every other character within the series. She is loyal to those she values and does not judge others for their flaws, knowing that she is flawed herself.

She is the only one of the main trio who breaks away once in a while to interact with and understand other characters within the novels. She is the one who encourages Ginny Weasley to stop obsessing over Harry and to concentrate on her own self. She is also the only one of the trio to immediately understand weaker side characters and go out of her way to help them, like when Neville Longbottom lost his toad and understanding Cho Chang’s emotional state.

With no specification of Hermione’s skin tone within the books, a large part of the fandom fell in love with the idea of Hermione having different ethnicities, especially that of ‘Black Hermione’. In the Cursed Child, Hermione even crosses the boundaries of white-washed tales and is played by Noma Dumezweni (of course, we will always love Emma Watson for all the justice she did to the character in the movies).

{Now I haven’t watched the play, but I’m certain the actress did a brilliant job as Hermione Granger. Comment below of your experience if you’ve watched or read the play.}

On September 19, Hermione Granger (the character) turned 37 and the world-wide fandom is out to celebrate the event. She shall forever remain one of the most iconic female fictional characters of the 21st century.

Happy Birthday, Hermione!

We all love you! ❤

Beauty and the Beast- A twisted tale

Warning: creepy violent content.

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“I’m not a nice person,” Belle warned. “Do you even see that I’m a monstrosity?” the Beast questioned. A deal was made. When the townsfolk came with pitchforks and fire, Belle stood at the door, trembling. The Beast was in front of her… In a cart. Limbs severed. Blood dripping. They sold his organs in the black market. They burnt the witch at stake.

In more elaborate words:

Belle believed that she was not a nice person. The Beast loved her anyway. Whenever she mentioned this, he would divert the blame of monstrosity onto his own physical characteristics. This kept them happy.

Until the day, like in the stories, the townsfolk came to rescue Belle. Unlike the happily ever after, they find Belle at the gates of the castle. She is trembling? In fear? No. And her hands are red. From the rose? No. From the blood after manipulating and killing the poor Beast.

She had warned him that she was not a nice person.

Now she offers the expensive organs and fur as a compensation for her freedom. But the townsfolk believe she is a witch. It is the middle ages.

And they burn Belle at stake.



This is my own dark interpretation of the tale. In no way the characters here resemble the old fairy tale.

If you liked this tale, do let me know and more such stories will be published on the site.

Treasures of the Delhi Book Fair 2016 {Book Haul}


India’s capital opened its doors to the 22nd Delhi Book Fair on August 27, bringing in a rush of excitement among the Delhiites. With stalls piled with layers of books at the cheapest rates, bookworms could be found declaring this experience a paradise. For Paper Prancer, it was a dream finally lived.

Trudging about the Fair with a group of loved ones, Paper Prancer managed to procure more that 40 books. Here’s a list of some of the best treasures in the loot {in no particular order}:

  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland- Lewis Carol (Macmillian 150 year edition and Great Writers Library Hardbound)
  • Wordsworth classic second-hand copies of – Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Little Prince and The Jungle book
  • Life of Pi by Yann Martel (World Book Night 2011 edition)
  • The Selected Poems of Walt Whitmann (Walter J Black Inc. Roslyn, NY)
  • The Case Of The Missing Moonstone by Jordan Straford (Penguin Random House, UK, 2015)
  • The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe by Douglas Adams [Hitchhiker’s Guide II] (Pan Books, 2009)
  • Lorna Doone by RD Blackmore (Reader’s Digest Association Ltd., 1995; hardbound and illustrated)
  • The Irish Witch by Dannis Wheatley (Heron Books; Hutchinson and Co., 1975; hardbound and illustrated)
  • Collected Works of Agatha Christie (Heron Books; William Collins Sons & Co Ltd, 1978; hardbound & illustrated)
  • Collection of Stories- Vol II- by Anton Chekov (Hutchinson Publishing, hardbound and illustrated)
  • Thanks For The Memories and The Book Of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern (Harper Collins)


Each book is a beauty in its own and together they make a magical collection. Paper Prancer will be reviewing each book separately over the weeks to come. Be sure to check it out! (Each title will be linked through this page)

The Book Fair in Delhi will be held from 27 August till September 4. A must-visit destination for all Delhi-NCR based bookworms. Comment below on your thoughts on the book fair.

Mischief Managed! 😉

Tribute to the “Bravest Man I Ever Knew”: Alan Rickman


It was a summer day, twelve years ago, when I’d picked up my first book of Harry Potter. It was a world that I’d grown up with. The characters aided me throughout my teenage years, pushing me in the right direction, showing me the way to where I am today.

Of all the characters in the series, Severus Snape was the one who seemed to grow the most. From the most hated teacher at Hogwarts, he subtly walked back into the shadows, always keeping a watchful eye, an angry eye, on everything going on at Hogwarts. He was a confidant to Dumbledore, a spy among the Death Eaters, a man who worked the hardest to disrupt the deeds of his past and change the course of a larger story.


Any Potterhead would agree that his point-of-view throughout the series would have made a more grueling, compelling story-line. Yet we see him through Potter’s eyes as the bravest man he’d ever known.

When I first saw Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film, I was amazed at how well the actors could manage to bring our favourite characters to life. Especially in the case of Alan Rickman. His characterisation of Severus Snape- a hated character who grows to be the hero of the series- is the best. As the series progressed, we see many of the actor side-tracking and moving away from how the book actually described them.


But not Alan! Oh no! He made sure to be the sassiest Snape throughout the muggle and the magical world.

So, wands raised to you, Sir Rickman! You truly are one of the best Headmasters at Hogwarts and the “bravest man I ever knew.”

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the paradox

          Dear smile,

Why do you shy so?

          Dear tears,

Can you never be easily repressed?

Does smiling through tears

           Entertain beauty?

Does bravery through fears

          Inculcate strength?

Do thoughts on an empty mind

          Muster passion?

Do thankfully forgotten memories

          Ever fade?

The soul burns, rips and douses,

A silence assembles its little noises,

The biased preacher and the naïve listener

Reject rationality, reject mankind.

It is a comfort to believe in

          One truth,

It is a luxury when they

          Believe the same.

And there you stand among

          Multitudes and tides

Waiting for that one moment where you

          Ought to shine…

It isn’t today, nor is it tomorrow,

Yesterdays are gone, lost to the shadow

          Of time and space,

And all that is left is

          A numb, biased, improvised fact,


                              And you.