Beauty and the Beast- A twisted tale

Warning: creepy violent content.

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“I’m not a nice person,” Belle warned. “Do you even see that I’m a monstrosity?” the Beast questioned. A deal was made. When the townsfolk came with pitchforks and fire, Belle stood at the door, trembling. The Beast was in front of her… In a cart. Limbs severed. Blood dripping. They sold his organs in the black market. They burnt the witch at stake.

In more elaborate words:

Belle believed that she was not a nice person. The Beast loved her anyway. Whenever she mentioned this, he would divert the blame of monstrosity onto his own physical characteristics. This kept them happy.

Until the day, like in the stories, the townsfolk came to rescue Belle. Unlike the happily ever after, they find Belle at the gates of the castle. She is trembling? In fear? No. And her hands are red. From the rose? No. From the blood after manipulating and killing the poor Beast.

She had warned him that she was not a nice person.

Now she offers the expensive organs and fur as a compensation for her freedom. But the townsfolk believe she is a witch. It is the middle ages.

And they burn Belle at stake.



This is my own dark interpretation of the tale. In no way the characters here resemble the old fairy tale.

If you liked this tale, do let me know and more such stories will be published on the site.


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