Screams From Wonderworld

A tickle in the stomach

Lets out a strange sound

In a foreign tongue

Queer to normality.

A breath-capturing step

In a green green world

An impossibility of an experience

Lands you in a wonder-world.

Your fall was frightening.

Your fall was everlasting.

Now the cold hard ground

Glares down at you furiously.

With trembling limbs,

And cheeks stained with tears

And a throat dry of screaming,

You stand and turn the world around.

Not good enough. Never good enough.

Too big or too small.

How do you fit through that door.

Why must you fit through that door?

It is a door

And you need some air.

Is there air behind that door?

You peek. It is not

What you were looking for.

Clueless fat men, a hyper-active mouse,

You’re late for tea!

What tea?

This was never meant to be.

Yet, here you are…

Here you are.

In that world you dreamed of…

A wonder-world,

Distant from home,

No Oz, just your wits,

Do you really wish to get back home?

Stand tall, my friend.

Time stretches, but it won’t be long.

Another door awaits.

Train your heart to be strong.

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