Books On A Journey

The coming year will be the first time I’ll be living away from my family. When you have large dreams, you tend to make difficult choices- moving away from your comforts to gain something big. It will be a task, but at least I’m taking a piece of home with me- my books.


What’s the worst part about taking your library with you? It’s that you can’t take your WHOLE library with you. So, you’re stuck with picking and choosing between the books you love, the books you need and the books you’ve hoarded.

Yes! Do not lie to yourself! You know you’re a guilty hoarder and there’s nothing wrong in that. You see, for bookworms (and I mean those who actually are addicted to books and not their PDFs) carrying a shitload of books is a guilty pleasure. It keeps us happy and preserves our soul.

So if it weighs a ton, we forgive ourselves because having these adorable paperbacks and hardbounds near us is what keeps us alive and going. Like an addiction, a drug perhaps, we need that smell of pages and that touch of paper. It keeps things real while taking us off the face of reality.

And so I set out guilty yet proud, nervous yet excited. I shall miss those I leave behind and promise to be back for them. The ones lucky to come with me have strict instructions to keep me happy. I trust them. They trust me. It’s a charming relationship.

And so I get going.
One step into mystery.
Two steps into adventure.
One hand on my book.
Two eyes on the world.
One step for a man,
One giant leap for mankind.
And so it begins…

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