A PaperPrancer’s world

A PaperPrancer is someone who is addicted to books, gets lost in timeless stories, who explores the many worlds within the Planet of Pages, through the flush of tales on or off-screen, in the Realm of Words… An adventurer, a traveller through time, space and thought… PaperPrancer is here to take you on a journey […]

Hermione Granger turns 37!

When J K Rowling created the fictional world of wizards within the muggle realm, little did she know what power she would hold upon a whole generation of readers. For all the children around the world, the 90s and early 21st century was an era of magic and thought provoking fiction. The characters within the […]


          Dear smile, Why do you shy so?           Dear tears, Can you never be easily repressed? Does smiling through tears            Entertain beauty? Does bravery through fears           Inculcate strength? Do thoughts on an empty mind     […]